What the hell is Hard Seltzer?

Hard Seltzer is the alcoholic cousin to regular sparkling water (or seltzer, as the say in the States). Our Hard Seltzer also has a hint of real fruit too.

So is it a beer? Or is it vodka and soda?

Well, it's neither. Brewed a bit like a beer and definitely no vodka in sight.

Is 'Ray gluten free?

It's gluten reduced - it's not made with gluten (so shouldn't contain it), but it's brewed in a brew house which also processes gluten.

Is 'Ray vegan?

Hell yeah.

I love counting calories! How many in 'Ray?

There's just 88 calories per 355ml can. 

What about carbs? And sugar?

There's under 3g of carbs and less than 1g of sugar in each 355ml can of 'Ray. 

Who makes 'Ray?

'Ray is made by the team at Hop Nation Brewery. Independently owned and operated, and brewed in Melbourne. 

I want to sell 'Ray in my bottleshop/bar! Who do I talk to about wholesale?

Check out this list of contacts for your state. Or send us an email at orders@hopnation.com.au.

I love everything about 'Ray. Can we work together? How can I partner with the brand?

Firstly, you have great taste. Secondly, you can reach out to us via our Contact Us form to chat more about partnerships and PR.